Short Take: Biirdie, Catherine Avenue

Catherine Avenue
Love Minus Zero

A band like Biirdie could only be from California, with their Beach Boys/Byrds stacked harmonies and the laconic yet melodic musical accompaniment. Sure enough, they hail from Glendale, California. This second album for the trio of two guys and a girl takes the classic Gram Parsons knockoffs Beachwood Sparks a couple steps further, couching a very retro sound in a near-indie rock framework, like Rilo Kiley covering Fleetwood Mac.

The cover of “Who Were You Thinking Of,” by 90’s Tex-mex supergroup Texas Tornados, is the most upbeat tune here, though, “Life In a Box,” shows some signs of stirring into action (see the video above–it takes a while, but it does kick in a bit around the halfway point).

Mostly, Biirdie are content to sit back and meander through gorgeous melodies like, “Careless & Unconcerned,” only occasionally muddying the waters with an abrasive guitar solo or effects pedal. As for their California pedigree, they’re apparently fully aware of how the state is viewed in much of the rest of the country, if the song, “LA Is Mars,” is any indication. The only thing otherworldly about Biirdie, however, is their spaced-out music.


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