Doyle Lawson’s lesson in professionalism

So I went to Mt. Horeb United Methodist last night to see one of my favorite bluegrass acts, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. despite it being a Sunday night way out in the sticks near Lake Murray, the place was packed, probably between 400-500 in attendance. I made it inside just as they were starting, so I have no idea whether there was a lengthy introduction, but the band played about six straight songs before any of them said a word, and the crowd was eating out of their hands the rest of the night. later in the show, things turned into corny comedy between songs and during the introductions of the various band members, but by then the band had earned the indulgence of an audience willing to go along with just about anything they did.

Lawson has been performing for forty years and it shows–he’s a gracious host and bandleader who lets his fellow musicians shine, and he seems genuinely glad to be there and appreciative of the audience.

I spotted a couple of local musicians in the audience, there are a bunch more who could learn a thing or two about putting on a good show from the old geezer on stage with the mandolin.


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