April Video a Day: William Fitzsimmons, Lions

There isn’t anyone out there doing the kind of quietly powerful songwriting that William Fitzsimmons has managed over his last couple albums, and his videos are equally stark and simple affairs. A new one, for the song “Lions”, is a great example of both:

April Video a Day: Common Linnets, Calm After the Storm

Today’s clip is from Holland and a song that is that country’s entry into the 2014 Eurovision award for pop music in Europe. Funny thing is, the song was written by Jake Etheridge, a Nashville songwriter originally from Lexington, South Carolina. It’s a mellow country-pop tune that wouldn’t sound out of place on the TV show Nashville, honestly. The official Eurovision video can be found here:


April Video A Day: Amos Lee, Chill in the Air

Amos Lee plays at the Township Auditorium in his college town tonight, Columbia SC…he was a DJ at the University of South Carolina college station WUSC, worked in a used record store called Papa Jazz, and played a bit in a local band or two before graduating and pursuing most of his musical dreams from his claimed hometown of Philadelphia. Today’s video comes from Lee’s latest album Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song, “Chill in the Air.”

April Video A Day: Don Dixon, Praying Mantis

in the spirit of Throwback Thursday, the popular retro day on Facebook, comes today’s clip. Don Dixon had been a member of the NC band Arrogance and was already a noted producer in 1985 (R.E.M., Smithereens) when he released his first solo album Most of the Girls Like To Dance. The strangest song on it came out with an equally weird video: